Kelly Clarkson

When Christmas Comes Around Digital Download

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Tracklist:   Merry Christmas Baby  It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas  Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just ...




  1. Merry Christmas Baby 
  2. It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas 
  3. Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You) 
  4. Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know) 
  5. Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree 
  6. Glow (feat. Chris Stapleton) 
  7. Santa Baby 
  8. Santa, Can’t You Hear Me (feat. Ariana Grande) 
  9. Last Christmas 
  10. Jingle Bell Rock 
  11. Blessed 
  12. Christmas Come Early 
  13. Under The Mistletoe (feat. Brett Eldredge) (BONUS TRACK) 
  14. All I Want For Christmas Is You (BONUS TRACK) 
  15. Christmas Eve (BONUS TRACK) 
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UPC: 075679773852

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