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Neil Young

Solo Greendale (Live At Vicar Street) [DVD]



On an acoustic tour of Europe, playing ‘Greendale’ in small halls solo, I was on a unique journey, kind of a storyteller minstrel.

Secretly . . . Elliot Roberts hired a crew and shot this show. I had no idea it was being filmed. Gotta love Elliot! Without him, we’d have no filmed record of this show.

Produced by Bernard Shakey
Directed by Ned O’Hanlon
Executive Producer: Elliot Rabinowitz
Editor: Brian McCue
Production Manager: Tara Mullen
Cameras: Gerry MacArthur, Liam McGrath, Ross O’Callagham and Conor O’Mahoney
Sound: Simon Willis
Art by Mazzeo
Filmed at Vicar St., Dublin Ireland
1. Falling from Above
2. Double E
3. Devil’s Sidewalk
4. Leave the Driving
5. Carmichael
6. Bandit
7. Grandpa’s Interview
8. Bringin’ Down Dinner
9. Sun Green
10. Be The Rain