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Artist: Neil Young + Promise Of The RealRelease date: 3/15/2018Produced by: Neil Young and John HanlonMusicians: Neil...



Artist: Neil Young + Promise Of The Real
Release date: 3/15/2018
Produced by: Neil Young and John Hanlon
Musicians: Neil Young: guitar, ukulele, pump organ, harmonica, vocal
Lukas Nelson: guitar, electric guitar, vocal
Micah Nelson: pump organ, charango, guitar, vocal
Corey McCormick: bass, upright bass, vocal
Anthony LoGerfo: drums, bongos
Tato Melgar: drums, percussion
Jim Keltner: drums
Paul Bushnell: bass
Willie Nelson: spoken word
Joe Yankee: electric harp      

Track Listing:

1. “Many Moons Ago in The Future” (narration by Willie Nelson)
2. “Show Me”
3. “Paradox Passage 1”
4. “Hey”
5. “Paradox Passage 2”
6. “Diggin’ in The Dirt” – Chorus
7. “Paradox Passage 3”
8. “Peace Trail”
9. “Pocahontas”
10. “Cowgirl Jam”
11. “Angel Flying Too Close to The Ground” (written by Willie Nelson)
12. “Paradox Passage 4”
13. “Diggin’ in The Dirt”
14. “Paradox Passage 5”
15. “Running to The Silver Eagle”
16. “Baby What You Want Me to Do?”
17. “Paradox Passage 6”
18. “Offerings”
19. “How Long?”
20. “Happy Together”
21. “Tumbleweed”

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