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David Bowie

‘Hours…’ (LP)



Released in 1999, ‘hours…’ found its beginnings in the soundtrack to the video game ‘The Nomad Soul’ which Bowie was asked to write for.

The album was the first by a major artist to be available for digital download over the internet. Available on Bowie’s website ** Domain name ** – pre-dating iTunes by two years!

Recently remastered as part of the latest David Bowie ERA boxset: BRILLIANT ADVENTURE (1992 – 2001) by original co-producer Reeves Gabrels, and pressed on 180g vinyl.


  1. Thursday's Child
  2. Something in the Air
  3. Survive
  4. If I'm Dreaming My Life
  5. Seven
  6. What's Really Happening?
  7. The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell
  8. New Angels of Promise
  9. Brilliant Adventure
  10. The Dreamers