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Van Morrison

His Band And The Street Choir (Rhino High Fidelity)



  • Cut From The Original Analog Master Tapes By Kevin Gray
  • Pressed On 180-Gram Heavyweight Vinyl At Optimal
  • Heavyweight Glossy Gatefold Jacket
  • Features A Lyric Sheet And An Interview With The Album's Engineer Elliot Scheiner

Limited & Numbered To 5,000

Rhino is synonymous with high-quality reissues, setting the standard with award-winning audio releases for the past 45 years. Now we're raising the bar with a new premium vinyl series, Rhino High Fidelity. These high-end, limited-edition vinyl reissues of classic albums represent the pinnacle of sound and packaging.

To ensure consistent sonic excellence, Kevin Gray will cut lacquers for all Rhino Hi-Fi releases, and Optimal will press the 180-gram vinyl records. The releases boast high-quality glossy covers and “tip-on” jackets, an old-school aesthetic that evokes the golden age of vinyl." "Side One


Side One

  1. “Domino”
  2. “Crazy Face”
  3. “Give Me A Kiss”
  4. “I’ve Been Working”
  5. “Call Me Up In Dreamland”
  6. “I’ll Be Your Lover, Too”

Side Two

  1. “Blue Money”
  2. “Virgo Clowns”
  3. “Gypsy Queen”
  4. “Sweet Jannie”
  5. “If I Ever Needed Someone”
  6. “Street Choir”