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Divisive Spotify Fans First Green Vinyl LP



To celebrate the upcoming release of our new album Divisive on November 18th, we’re offering you exclusive access to a limited edition translucent green color vinyl copy of the album, only available to the Disturbed top fans on Spotify.

Everywhere you look these days, hyper tribalism has taken hold. Those in power continue to use fear and hate mongering to further empower themselves, continuing to try to turn us against one another. Pick a subject…any subject, and those who wield power will do all they can to make it a divisive issue, encouraging people to pick a side, insisting that their viewpoint is the only correct one. This record is a critique of this dangerous status quo we are living in. - Disturbed

Track List:

1. Hey You
2. Bad Man
3. Divisive
4. Unstoppable
5. Love To Hate
6. Feeding The Fire
7. Don’t Tell Me [feat. Ann Wilson]
8. Take Back Your Life
9. Part Of Me
10. Won’t Back Down