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ALBUM SPEC 1. Size: 130*130*6mm2. Cover: 1 version (WINTER Ver.)3. Post Card: 5ea (WINTER Ver.)4. Sticker: 5ea (Rando...




1. Size: 130*130*6mm
2. Cover: 1 version (WINTER Ver.)
3. Post Card: 5ea (WINTER Ver.)
4. Sticker: 5ea (Random out of 20)
5. Photo Card: 1ea (Random out of 4 members)
6. English Lyric Paper: 1ea

Limit 4 per customer. Orders not conforming to these limitations will be cancelled. 

Opening season 2 of SMCU’s aespa includes ‘Welcome To MY World,’ a pre-release song as an invitation to aespa’s world of music and ‘Spicy,’ the title piece with feelings of freedom and youthfulness truly stand out.

Various emotions and musical tones unique to the group were incorporated into the songs of genres ranging from powerful dances to sweet R&B and ballads. Having returned from the virtual world, members of aespa plan on showcasing their unfathomable talents and charms to audiences of the REAL WORLD.

01. Welcome To MY World (Feat. nævis)
02. Spicy
03. Salty & Sweet
04. Thirsty
05. I'm Unhappy
06. 'Til We Meet Again

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UPC: 8809944143994

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