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The Sheepdogs

Copy of [PRE-ORDER] Blue Flower Deluxe Vinyl Bundle



Please note product image may not reflect the final product.

 Bundle Includes:

  • Customized T-shirt.
    • Create your own Sheepdogs T-shirt by:
      •  Picking one of three designs
      •  Picking your Colour Tee
        •  Black
        • Light Blue
        • Brown
        • Tan
  • The Sheepdog Pennant Flag.
  • A pack of rolling papers.
  • Splattered coloured vinyl of Changing Colours
  • Instant Download of "I've Got A Hole Where My Heart Should Be"

This is a Pre-Order Bundle. Any and all items purchased along with this Bundle will ship slightly before release date to arrive on or close to February 2nd 2018.