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Matty Matheson

'A Cookbook' 2LP White Vinyl w/ Zine

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'A Cookbook' from Matty Matheson includes a double LP plus a 40 page zine featuring recipes. 

Vinyl color: Bone  


Side A 

  1. Intro  
  2. Part I: Family - “Edith & John Matheson” 
  3. Seafood Chowder  
  4. Lobster Roll 
  5. “Lionel and Dorothea Poirier”  
  6. Roast Pork Loin  
  7. Pot Roast  

Side B 

  1. “Mom and Dad”  
  2. Mom’s Cheesy Things  
  3. Broccoli Chicken Cheddar Curry Casserole 
  4. “The Spencer Family”  
  5. Chicken Cacciatore  
  6. Bologna Bowl  
  7. Part II: Cooking School and Restaurants - “Humber College” 

Side C 

  1. “Le Sélect Bistro”  
  2. French Onion Soup  
  3. Choucroute Garnie  
  4. “La Palette”  
  5. Venison Tartare with Warm Bone Marrow Drippings 
  6. Snails on Toast  
  7. “Castor Design”  

Side D 

  1. “Oddfellows”  
  2. Double-Bone Pork Chop with Maple Jack Daniel’s Bacon Sauce 
  3. Grilled Quail with Smoked Quail Eggs 
  4. “Parts & Labour”  
  5. Nashville Hot Chicken  
  6. The P&L Burger