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(Only available at MUSE brings their Simulation Theory tour to life in this limited edition 80s-inspired...



(Only available at

MUSE brings their Simulation Theory tour to life in this limited edition 80s-inspired D2C exclusive super deluxe box set. This version includes a clear/pink nucleus LP with selections from the band’s September 2019 performance at London’s O2 Arena housed in a gatefold jacket, a VHS-like box containing a HD 5.1 DTS Master Audio Blu-Ray of the film, a fluorescent pink cassette of the film score written by Matt Bellamy, a Marvel Simulation Theory comic book and an 11x17 Marvel Muse poster*. Each box will have metallic foil packaging.

In addition, this box includes a separate, specially designed box containing an embroidered Murph Moto Jacket, MUSE Wood Sunglasses, and Murph Face Mask and will ONLY be available in this box set**.

The Murph Moto Jacket is a custom cut and sewn matte and gloss satin, featuring a large embroidered Murph across the back, custom MUSE zipper pull on a right arm pocket, band logo neck print, and matching trim details along the collar, wrists, and waist**. The Muse Wood Sunglasses are made from recycled bamboo wood and feature the band logo across the left frame arm**.

*Final poster and comic artwork not shown*
**Item designs/colors are subject to change.

Side A:
Algorithm (Alternate Reality Version)
Pressure (Film Edit)
Break It to Me
The Dark Side
Thought Contagion
Dig Down (Gospel Version)

Side B:
Propaganda (Acoustic Version)
Metal Medley

Side A:
1) Simulation Theory Film Intro Music
2) Psycho Murf Speaks
3) Zombie Murphy gets wired up

Side B:
4) Behold, The Glove
5) Emotionality Rush
6) Simulation Theory Film End Credits with Newscaster

*Designs are subject to change.
Selection: 090317563381/850018479257

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