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The Nothing: Exclusive Black-White Marble Swirl LP + Digital Bundle

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 Webstore Exclusive: Deluxe Vinyl Set

  • Exclusive Deluxe Gatefold Package with custom finishes that include textured jacket with mirror board and raised UV finishes
  • Black-White Marble Swirl vinyl
  • Eight collectable pieces of art 

Side A
1) The End Begins (Explicit Album Version)
2) Cold (Explicit Album Version)
3) You’ll Never Find Me (Album Version)
4) The Darkness is Revealing (Explicit Album Version)
5) Idiosyncrasy (Explicit Album Version)
6) The Seduction Of Indulgence (Explicit Album Version)
7) Finally Free (Album Version)

Side B
8) Can You Hear Me (Album Version)
9) The Ringmaster (Explicit Album Version)
10) Gravity Of Discomfort (Album Version)
11) H@rd3r (Explicit Album Version) 
12) This Loss (Album Version)
13) Surrender To Failure (Album Version)