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Jets Overhead

The Timing: 15 Years of Jets Overhead 2LP Vinyl



The Timing: 15 Years of Jets Overhead celebrates the band’s legacy with a collection of essential tracks remastered for vinyl. Featuring a new single produced by Neil Osborne of 54*40 (“The Timing”), along with a retrospective of favorites from the band’s catalogue. Double vinyl packaged in a wide spine jacket, and also includes a digital download of the full album.


Side A
1 The Timing
2 Heading For Nowhere
3 Boredom and Joy
4 Where Did You Go
5 I Should Be Born

Side B
6 Seems So Far
7 No Nations
8 All the People
9 Beach Dream
10 What You Really Want

Side C
11 Sure Sign
12 Get it Right
13 Killing Time
14 These Girls Are Friends of Mine
15 Sun Sun Sun

Side D
16 Life’s A Song
17 Always A First Time
18 Weathervanes (In The Way)
19 Directions
20 Addiction