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Halestorm 10th Anniversary Vinyl 2xLP + Slipmat Bundle

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Vinyl + Slipmat Bundle

Halestorm pressed onto 12” standard vinyl for the 10th anniversary. The 2 disc LP contains the original album on translucent sea blue vinyl and demos on translucent highlighter yellow vinyl.

The Swirly Slipmat features the Halestorm logo in a swirl pattern in white on a black slipmat.

    1. It’s Not You
    2. I Get Off
    3. Bet U Wish U Had Me Back
    4. Innocence
    5. Familiar Taste Of Poison
    6. I’m Not An Angel
    7. What Were You Expecting?
    8. Love/Hate Heartbreak
    9. Better Sorry Than Safe
    10. Dirty Work
    11. Nothing To Do With Love

    DEMOS- LP2
    1. Hero (Reluctant Hero)
    2.Not Afraid of Losin’
    3. Ride or Die
    4. Gypsy Grifter
    5. Who Do You Love? (Basement version)
    6. The Proposition
    7.Tired of Trying
    8. Annabelle
    9. Everyone Dies (Heaven isn’t where we belong)
    10. Coming Back To Me
    11. Not for Today
    12. Still Breathing