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Do Not Disturb Intimacy Kit



 Elevate sexy time with your special someone! Score this exclusive intimacy kit including a bundle of items to keep your lovin' safe and fun for men and women. All items includes come packaged inside a custom zippered 6"x 4.5" travel pouch.

This kit includes:

2 Lifesaver Mints – to freshen up before getting it on wet ones
2 Condoms
1 ONE Oasis Lubricant – for smoother intimate contact, water based formula for easy clean up, paraben and oil-free
1 Dental Dam – Strawberry flavored, made of Latex, sheet measures 6"x 8"
2 Wet Ones Wipes- antibacterial, handy to clean up
1 Exclusive "Do Not Distrub" hotel keychain to remember your experience