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Billy Talent

Afraid of Heights Deluxe CD



Want the deluxe album with exclusive bonus tracks? Get your copy today. 


  •  Download Card to receive an unique "Mixed for Headphones" version of Afraid of Heights. This mix will enhance listening experience through any headphone device.
  • 6 instant downloadable tracks that will be sent before the album release of July 29th 2016.


    Track Listing:
    1. Big Red Gun
    2. Afraid Of Heights
    3. Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats
    4. Louder Than The DJ
    5. The Crutch
    6. Rabbit Down The Hole
    7. Time-Bomb Ticking Away
    8. Leave Them All Behind
    9. Horses & Chariots
    10. This Is Our War
    11. February Winds
    12. Afraid Of Heights (Reprise)

    Bonus Tracks:
    1. Big Red Gun [Demo Version]
    2. Afraid Of Heights [Demo Version]
    3. Ghost Ship Of Cannibal Rats [Demo Version]
    4. Louder Than The DJ [Demo Version]
    5. The Crutch [Demo Version]
    6. Time-Bomb Ticking Away [Demo Version]
    7. Leave Them All Behind [Demo Version]
    8. Afraid Of Heights (Reprise) [Demo Version]


    This is a Pre-Order product. Any and all items purchased along with this product will ship slightly before release date July 29th 2016.