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Courage My Love

Synesthesia Vinyl



There is a delay with manufacturing this item is schedule to ship March 3rd 2017.
Want the vinyl? Get your copy today. 
  • Instant Download of 'Animal Heart' and 'Stereo'
  • Received a Digital copy of the Synesthesia on the day of release.


  1. Synesthesia 
  2. Animal Heart 
  3. Walls
  4. Stereo 
  5. Love Hurts
  6. Drowning
  7. Tough Love
  8. Two Headed Monster  
  9. Sight:Sound 
  10. Need Someone
  11. Dirt
  12. The Year I Disappeared
  13. Never Gonna Change 
  14. Taste:Touch 

This is a Pre-Order bundle. Any and all items purchased along with this bundle will ship slightly before release date February 3rd 2017.