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Coheed and Cambria

The Unheavenly Creatures - 3-LP + Digital Bundle



"The Unheavenly Creatures 3x vinyl in Tiger's Eye. Includes digital instant grats and a full digital album download.

Side A
1. Prologue (Album Version)
2. The Dark Sentencer (Explicit Album Version)
3. Unheavenly Creatures (Album Version)

Side B
4. Toys (Album Version)
5. Black Sunday (Album Version)
6. Queen Of The Dark (Album Version)

Side C
7. True Ugly (Explicit Album Version)
8. Love Protocol (Album Version)
9. The Pavilion (A Long Way Back) (Album Version)

Side D
10. Night-Time Walkers (Album Version)
11. The Gutter (Album Version)
12. All On Fire (Album Version)

Side E
13. It Walks Among Us (Explicit Album Version)
14. Old Flames (Album Version)
15. Lucky Stars (Album Version)

Side F
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